Magazine Program

  • Hundreds of the most popular and suitable magazines for all ages and all interests.
  • Supporters save up to 91% off newsstand prices!
  • Reach out-of-town family and friends! A program with educational value!

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Our Family Reading Program offers a large selection of the most popular magazines delivering maximum profits to your school or group. Regardless of the readers age or interest, there are over 700 of your favourite titles to choose from including childrens, teens, entertainment, business, sports, lifestyles, crafts, computer, travel, and much more. When you offer the magazines that people buy most often, you have more satisfied customers. And it's a fact that QSP offers what people buy most!

This profitable program encourages reading in the home with a wide spectrum of tasteful reading materials. Truly, the fundraising program with educational value that promotes literacy! It's very easy to run a magazine program. Family, friends, and local community members support you by ordering new subscriptions, by renewing their existing subscriptions or by giving a subscription as a gift. And, with a portion of every subscription dollar going to your school or group, this program is highly profitable! In addition, supporters will expect you to come around and renew their subscriptions year after year, allowing you to continue to grow your profits.

Help families in your area to put their subscription money to a good cause - helping your community group or school - while helping them save money off of regular newsstand prices!