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We are very excited to participate in QSP’s On-line Magazine Fundraising Program!  This fundraising opportunity allows you to order magazine subscriptions for yourself, friends and family.  You can also renew your favourite subscriptions if you already ordered from QSP before.  The Gatehouse will receive a percentage of the profit from each order when you enter our group number 33502 as part of your order.   You can order for anyone in Canada. 


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The Gatehouse is a unique community based center in Canada. Since 1998, The Gatehouse has provided supports, resources and advocacy on behalf of those victimized by childhood sexual abuse. The Gatehouse offers adult and young adult peer facilitated support group programs for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

            The Gatehouse also provides a child friendly location for police and other child welfare agencies to conduct investigations in child abuse cases.  The Gatehouse is the only community based setting in Canada that provides services for children, youth and adults in one location.  The Gatehouse vision is a future where those impacted by childhood sexual abuse can heal and reclaim their voices.  The Gatehouse mission is to provide supports, resources and advocacy on behalf of those impacted by childhood sexual abuse. 

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